Kromantse Development Foundation (Netherlands tax-number: RSIN number 851853274 and KvK number 55768679 and Ghana tax-number: RSIN number CGO064672013 and TIN number C000253018X) has been designated by the tax authorities in the Netherlands as public benefit organization (ANBI). This status gives donors the opportunity to withdraw tax. For more information, please visit: www.belastingdienst.nl/giften


The ANBI status requires the Kromantse Development Foundation to disclose certain information in order to promote transparency. Required information that is not mentioned elsewhere on the website can be found here:

Business plan and activity report
The businessplan for Kromantse Development Foundation can be found here


Kromantse Development Foundation will publish an activity report within 6 months after the bookyear is over. The latest report can be found here

Payment policy of board, directors and staff members
In accordance with the statutes of the foundation the board members receive no payments for their work for the Kromantse Development Foundation. The foundation has no staff members employed. Our future salary policy (when

the foundation will have employees), can be found here


Financial statements
The most recent financial statement will be published on this page. 

  ANBI Status

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