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Pass on your knowledge and expertise, become a social actor for change, inspire people and get inspired by communities ready to step ahead by putting in motion the good practices of collaboration and transparency.

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers with experience in agriculture, mechanics, engineering, marketing, sales, managment, administration, IT, design, research and education. Open positions for students willing to do internship, people with experience, pensioners and people with special needs.    


Help rural farmers in Ghana and their families to get out of poverty


Volunteering opportunities in the following categories:
Agriculture and Sustainable Farming
Work on seed storing, planting and tending fruit trees and gardens with local agricultural crops. Participate in eco-farming practices that meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations 
Business Development
Work on micro-enterprise development, vocational and IT education individually and in groups on business planning and basic bookkeeping to enhance success of existing businesses
Building and Construction
Design and build structures such as schools and roads that benefit the community
(Opportunities based on available funding and ongoing projects)

Environmental Conservation
Train and work with the community members in activities that increase awareness of environmental conservation and human-caused threats to public health and safety
Public Health Awareness
Educate the community members about local public health issues (HIV/AIDS, malaria, clean water, etc.) including sanitation
Women's Empowerment
Work on gender equality issues, leadership and acceptance and mentor women to set goals and strive for future success and entrepreneurship


Cultural Development
Preserve family traditions and communty history and use art in order to enhance educational objectives. Facilitate a discussion on social issues and assist youth to use multimedia in schools and in their community



Work on anything else that you think would contribute to the work of Kromantse Foundation and its mission







Application form for volunteer work in Ghana

(for volunteer work outside Ghana, please contact us directly)

If you want to contribute to Kromantse Foundation by organizing an event or creating

a cause, please contact us with your ideas. 

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