Kromantse Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 whose goal is to create a pioneering model of agricultural and social development in Twifo-Hemang, Cape Coast, Central region in Ghana. This region includes 46 towns and villages with an estimate of 10.000 people. Agriculture is the main driving force behind Ghana’s economy, which is the main reason why Kromantse foundation focuses on agriculture. Through a 50-year lease, Kromantse foundation has been granted 100 acres of land by the paramount chief of the region. The land has been used to create a farm and an agricultural training institute where education and access to equipments for the local farmers is provided. Moreover, Kromantse foundation tries to achieve a sustainable community development while taking care of the environment by providing programs in food security, public health awareness, gender equality, women empowerment and employment opportunities. Kromantse foundation also encourages entrepreneurship through educational programs aimed to benefit all groups, the foundation will train the people how to set up and manage their own farms, access and create trading markets. The crops on the farm will be sold on the markets and the revenue will be used to support the foundation and for community projects. Kromantse foundation has put aside 5 acres of land to grow food for school feeding programs and for the community.

Kromantse foundation consists of diverse and skilled people with many years of experience in humanitarian work. The core values of the team are Respect, Ethics, Family, Innovation and Trust.

Kromantse foundation is member of Transnational Migrant Platform (TMP), it  focuses on promotion and protection of human rights and civil rights for migrants and their families by organizing activities within the context of civil society.

Kromantse foundation supports and promotes the United Nations Post - 2015 Millennium Development Goals and strives to implement them with the following activities related to each goal:

1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger 


Through the agricultural training and employment opportunities available at the farm which Kromantse foundation operates, poverty and hunger can be eradicated by ensuring good quality of food and stable income  throughout the whole year

2. Achieve universal primary education 


Through providing vocational training to youth and adults available at the agricultural training institute with a well-developed multidisciplinary syllabus, Kromantse foundation ensures that community members have the necessary education to contribute to the future sustainable community development

3. Promote gender equality and empower women 


Through educational programs and workshops on issues of gender equality, through mentoring women to become entrepreneurs and to become active participants in the society, Kromantse foundation tries to reduce the gender gap and promotes women empowerment

4. Reduce child mortality 


Through ensuring access to clean drinking water, proper sanitation and increasing public health awareness, Kromantse foundation aims to improve the quality of life and thus reduce the child mortality

5. Improve maternal health 


Through ensuring food security and promoting healthy nutrional diet as well as enabling women to have  education and access to health facilities and health care, Kromantse foundation strives to improve maternal health

6. Combat HIV, Malaria and other diseases 


Through public health awareness and an access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation facilities, Kromantse foundations tries to combat HIV, Malaria and other diseases

7. Ensure environmental sustainability 


Through educational programs and initiating thematic presentations about enviromental conservation and promoting and supporting eco-farming, Kromantse foundation ensures environmental sustainability

8. Global partnership for development 


Through agricultural training and by ensuring farmers to grow crops suitable to the environmental conditions in Ghana, Kromantse foundation can fulfill international standarts for exporting by ensuring good-quliaty products, safely packed and stored. Opportunities to export to other regions in the country as well as globally through networking, partnerships and collaborations with local and international organizations

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