Meet our team 


One of our greatest achievements as a team is that despite our different cultural backgrounds, we are capable of coming together and establishing Kromantse foundation with determination. commitment and passion. We hope our team will grow stronger with you in it. 

Thomas Moore


Thomas was born and raised in Arkansas, USA.  He moved to California where he established two successful stores with leather products and shoe repairs. After eighteen years in California, his desire to expand his horizons brought him to the Netherlands where he created two similar successful stores in Amsterdam.  Thomas also created and managed an art gallery and was involved in the building construction industry. During his twenty-seven years in the Netherlands, he has worked with civil society organizations in the field of migrants’ rights.

Thomas comes from a family of four-generation farmers and he never forgot his origins as well as his knowledge in farming.  He is also inspired to work in the agricultural field in Ghana due to his ancestors’ roots. Thomas founded Kromantse Foundation and he runs it as the Chairman by planning and running the agricultural projects in Ghana. Besides Kromantse Foundation, he is involved with Transnational Migrant Platform (TMP) that focuses on implementation of United Nations Post-2015 Millennium Development Agenda. He was also the Chairman of Africa Roots Movements, a pan-african organization working on human and migrant rights in the Nethrelands.

Due to his experience as an entrepreneur and businessman as well as his knowledge in farming, he is the farming project manager who assists the local farmers by teaching them crop diversity, mechanized farming, and business management. His other resposibilities include; market researche, empowering youth and promoting entrepreneurship.




Otumfuo Amoa Sasraku III Omanhene

Paramount Chief

Otumfuo Amoa Sasraku III Omanhene is the paramount chief of 46 towns in Twifo Hemang region for over twenty years. Although he inherited the title from his family, he also managed to earn his position by gaining people’s trust and respect. His goal is to empower the community by providing education and technological development.


He acts as a valuable partner in Kromantse Foundation with his support and willingness to help his community in order to achieve a sustainable standard of living. 


Vassiliki Georgopoulou


Vassiliki was born and raised in Greece where she successfully completed business and finance studies at the Technological Educational Institution in Greece. She has been working as a freelance accountant in the North-Holland region in the Netherlands, where she has been living for five years.


Vassiliki has always been close to humanitarian work assisting community-based youth groups facing issues of employment, homeless and substance abuse users. Her family has been in the agricultural business, which is why she now focuses on agriculture finance management. Today in Kromantse Foundation, she is responsible as financial advisor and treasurer for financial reports, budget control and financial accounting.




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James Friar


James was born and raised in Ghana where he earned his degree in accounting and finance. He moved to the Netherlands more than thirty-four years ago and worked in administration of Tecom Institute and as a freelance bookkeeper. Today he runs a successful business specialized in cleaning sport, schools and office facilities. Due to James’ origin, he has the keen sensitivity about his people and that made him get involved in humanitarian work. He is the founding member of MFANDSIAEM Foundation, which he runs for twenty one-years. The mission of the foundation is based on humanitarian assistance especially in the fields of education and health-care in Ghana.


In Kromantse Foundation, James is one of the founding members and administrates all the communication in Ghana as a native speaker. His knowledge in customs, traditions and Ghanaian eculture is valuable to the foundation.


James was born into an agriculture family therefore his passion for the land and his vision to help his people develop through agriculture and it is a motivating factor to the establishment of the agricultural training institute.





Maya Moore Adamidou

Project Manager

Maya was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She studied photography and movement therapy for people with disabilities. She was also running an art gallery in Crete, Greece. After she moved to the Netherlands, she obtained two Masters in creative arts psychotherapy and in performance studies alongside a Certificate of 2 years studies in Medicine and a Certificate in Integrated Human Rights Studies. She comes from a family who is strongly engaged in politics and civil society service, running humanitarian projects in Greece and in conflict countries in the Middle East, Eastern and Central Africa.


She is drawing from her background as interdisciplinary-arts practitioner, researcher, psychotherapist and pedagogue. Her work includes running groups with physical and mentally challenged people, women migrant groups, users of psychiatric institutes, amateur and professional performing artists. She contributes to TMP (transnational migrant platform) a migrants' platform who advocates migrants rights internationally, to Respect-Network Europe an organization who advocates the rights of domestic undocumented migrants, to Media Performance Think-tank, a research lab for performing and media arts and to Beyond Arts Platform, a community-arts based working group. She is member of the Global Coalition on Migration, an international network of migrants’ rights organizations, advocates and trade unions.


In Kromantse foundation, she has the overall responsibility for the successful planning, execution and monitoring of community based projects, women empowerment, enterpreneurship, community health outreach and cultural awarness projects. She is responsible for the development of the business plan, communication, administration of all projects as well of research for new financial resources and promotion of the foundation.





Kromantse's most important asset

Volunteers are born and raised everywhere. Kromantse Foundation volunteers are the most important asset of the foundation. Volunteers are based in the Netherlands and Ghana. They help daily with their skills and experience in agriculture, engineering, marketing, sales, management, administration, IT, design, research and education.


They are people full of passion and desire to help Kromantse foundation achieve its goals. If you have the desire to be part of an enthusiastic team and contribute to a greater cause, join our team today! 

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Special thanks

Kromantse foundation would like to express its deep gratitude to the volunteers: Nevena AndelkovicMargarita Bardani, Bruce Esser, Fred Johnson, Christos Rogkakos, Matina Sideri, and the members of the Youth Heritage Foundation.

Support our work. Together we can build a better future.


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