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About Us

We are a multidisciplinary team based in Netherlands who operates locally in Cape Coast, in Ghana West Africa, by integrating good practices towards community development with projects focus on eco – farming, training opportunities for the youth, jobs and food security for farmers in remote areas, empowering women groups through entrepreneurship and initiating projects for children in education and feeding programs. In International level, we operate as member of Transnational Migrant Platform (TMP) focus on promotion and protection of migrants’ rights and their families and by organizing activities within the context of civil society. Our cultural background from the countries of our origin like Netherlands, Ghana, USA and Greece brings together an inspirational, dynamic and skilful team.



We are focusing on   sustainable community projects based on principles of education for all, gender equality, jobs and food security for farmers in isolated areas. It is a pioneering program which can be used and multiplied as a pilot project for other communities in Ghana, in Africa, and other countries in the world.


To community development: -Access to cleaning drinking water

- Improve sanitation and  irrigation system

- Develop school feeding programme

To organic farming:

- Process corn flour milling to increase value to the product

- Process corn oil

- Develop a solar dehydration system for food storage

Get Involved

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers with experience in agriculture, tractor mechanics, marketing, sales, administration, ICT and research. Open positions for students willing to do internship, and people with experience working in the field. Help the rural farmers in Ghana to get out of poverty.

I'm the Chief 


We need development to get people out of poverty. The community is highly engaged and is working together with Kromantse Foundation. My vision as Paramuont Chief of 46 towns in Twifo Hemang traditional area, it is to empower the community and in particular the youth and give them the means to access development projects which generate funds in order to be able to take care of themselves. The community embraces this project and the people are sensitized and agreed to move forward and build up sustainable communities. I give my fully support to this project with Kromantse Foundation because I see that it will help my people and develop the community by creating opportunities in vocational training , farming, infrastructure and social growth.


I'm the Chairman


Thomas Moore of Kromantse Foundation, as fourth generation Farmer from Arknansas, in the USA, I have the experience and the know-how to operate large farming projects. As chairman of KF,    I oversea the day-to-day running of the farm in Ghana and international, I organize civil society activities with TMP (Transnational Migrant Platform) with focus on implementation of Millennium Development Goals and the post-2015 Global Development Agenda of United Nations through GFMD (Global Forum of Migration and Development).  As Businessman, I had 2 well established stores in leather products and shoes repairing in Bay Area California and 2 successful stores in Amsterdam, one in leather products and an Art Gallery. Furthermore, I have 20 years professional experience in construction business in the Netherlands and in the USA.



I'm the Project Manager

Maya Adamidou of Kromantse Foundation, I have the overall responsibility for the successful planning, execution and monitoring of the project. As member of TMP (Transnational Migrant Platform), we work with civil society agents and government representatives focus on global migration, development and human rights. Greek by birth, my areas of expertise include management and administration, research, education, creative arts psychotherapy and interdisciplinary arts making with emphasis in performing arts.


I'm the Secretary

James Friar of Kromantse Foundation,

I see to the effective running of the foundation secretariat and the co-ordination of the activities of the foundation in Ghana and conduct all correspondences. I am a Businessman with 17 years experience in the Netherlands Business Sector, a Ghanaian by birth and C.E.O of the Rising Star Facility Services in the Netherlands. Administration: Managment TECON Institute in the Netherlands and a Bookkeeper by Profession. Insurance: Product of the Ghana Insurance Training Centre and the State Insurance Company.

I'm the Treasure

Vasiliki Georgopoulou of Kromantse Foundation, I have the responsibility to manage the accounts of the foundation. I have successfully completed studies at the Department of Business Administration - School of Administration and Economy of the Technological Educational Institution in Greece. Professionally, I cooperate as Accountant with the Accountancy office HOUWELING en partners in Noord - Holland.

Join Our Team

Our Projects

We are focusing on projects in sustainable community development based on principles of education for all, gender equality, jobs and food security for farmers in isolated areas. It is a pioneering program which can be used and multiplied as pilot project for other communities in Ghana, in Africa, and in countries in the developing world.

Agricultural Development

We believe in eco – farming because we recognize the interconnectedness between the health of the earth and the health within us. We introduce to Ghanaian farmers to utilize modern farming techniques and develop sustainable communities. Benefits for the Farmers: Agricultural training which provide the knowledge and tools to farmers to make wise choices for the future of their communities. Access to information and to farm equipments, mechanized farming and modern farming methods improve productivity and stimulate economic growth in the region. Focus on: Production – Packaging – Distribution – Operating local markets. In addition, farm equipments will be loaned to farmers to serve their needs.  

Community Development

We encourage the development of entrepreneurs within the community and support them to become economical independent business owners. We fund projects in irrigation, sanitation, and cleaning drinkable water. Benefits for the Community: Improve the standards for living through development of a sustainable source of income, the community will be assisted to break the circle of poverty by having jobs opportunities for the youth, improve education for the children and youth, empowering women and improve healthcare especially for the elderly and community members in need.                             Core Values: Family – Trust – Learning – Innovation

Civil Society Activities in the Netherlands and International

We are active in grass roots civil society work in the Netherlands, Ghana and International. We build partnerships and networks which benefit migrants, and create opportunities for collaboration among migrants in Diaspora, the private sector and governments. Working with our partners in Transnational Migrant Platform (TMP) and participating since 2007 in the Global Forum for Migration and Development (GFMD) we are working towards the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals and the Post-2015 Global Development Agenda which they were initiated by the United Nations. For more information please look at and

                         Civil Society work in the Netherlands and International is part of our activities as Kromantse Foundation                                        For more information please read the following article


Reclaiming the Agenda of Migration, Development and Human Rights


Building Together Peoples’ Rights Movement for Global Economic and Ecological Justice


The Transnational Migrant Platform (TMP) was developed as a transnational migrant initiative and response in the context of the unprecedented global economic, financial, food and environmental crises. It was set up in 2008 as a convergence and alliance of several migrant communities from the Global South – Africa, Asia, Latin America, as well as European and international organizations involved in solidarity, anti-racist and global justice work. The TMP includes a diversity of migrant organizations and networks – some of whom have worked together for several years and who have developed strategic relations and partnerships in Europe, internationally as well as in counties of origin.


Objectives of Transnational Migrant Platform (TMP)


  • To strengthen the protection of migrant rights in Europe and globally – including the undocumented migrants and refugees – particularly at this time of criminalization, racism and Islam-phobia

  • To give visibility to the role of migrants as transnational social actors in the development of the countries where we live and work as well as in countries of origin

  • To contribute to and participate in the development of migrant movements as part of the broad social movement committed to building alternatives to the current neo-liberal paradigms



Source: Transnational Migrant Platform:



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